Personal Data:

  • Basing project management on sound business strategies. More than 20 year successful cooperation with national and international companies in the main fields Facilitymanagement and Fleetmanagement
  • Leading function in the IT environment
  • Solution-orientated as well as aim - orientated entrepreneurial intellect
  • Flexible with a fast perceptive faculty to achieve results in the shortest time
  • Support for all enterprise sizes


  • Purchasing experience, use of economizing potentials
  • Contract experience regarding commercial rental conracts, contracts in the purchase area
  • Construction of obligatory guidelines (e.g. Car Policy, Mobile Policy, Travel Policy.)
  • Process optimization and control after fusion, acquisition, outsourcing
  • Cooperation in the international environment
  • Project management e.g. restructuring after organizational changes
  • Interim management


  • BEM Bundesverband eMobilität e.V.
  • Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft
  • Xing